DIY felt tiger

The symbol of 2022 - a do-it-yourself felt tiger is waiting for you in this article.

In this free master class: a full-size tiger pattern for sewing from felt, which you only need to print in A4 format, a video with detailed sewing and a list of materials that were used in sewing the toy, as well as links to stores where you can buy all this ...

Materials for sewing felt toys

american spanish korean felt

Tiger pattern

Full-size pattern for a toy ≈8 cm high. Print in A4 format, attach a ruler and check the scale on the scale.

free tiger pattern from felt

Watch the video MK Tiger cub made of felt by own hands / Tiger symbol of 2022 / Felt Tiger Sewing DIY Tutorial 2022

How to sew felt toys?

All details are sewn and sewn by hand, or you can combine and sew on the details on a typewriter, and sew together and sew on the head with standard manual types of seams - buttonhole and blind stitch.

How to sew from felt on a typewriter look in THIS playlist on YouTube.

felt tiger

Safe Eyes Tips: View More

If you want to hang a tiger on a mobile, look in this video, I tell you in detail about a thread for a mobile, based on many years of experience:

tiger felt beemboland

felt tiger

felt tiger

Felt tiger is ready


Tag me on social networks, share the results. It will be very interesting for me to see what you got.

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